Design As Third Party Politics|Reflections on Politics, Design & Pedagogy

MA Dissertation


We often speak of design projects as evolving of their own accord if we know to guide and follow them in the correct way. I have decided to treat my writing in much the same way in this instance, to see if through a similar process, I might come to a conclusion as to what is currently driving the architectural vehicle in my mind, and in due course, lead me to an appropriate clarity in terms of what I might pursue next or how I might frame my career in architecture. An ambitious and dangerous experiment perhaps. The conflict between a strange devotion and a disenchantment quietly wrestles in my thoughts and I feel that I am at a cross roads that entails several directional options, conflicts and concerns that cannot be chartered all at once, but that I might reconcile under a slightly less ambiguous umbrella after enough probing.

Through this map of sorts, I have attempted to discern what the true drivers behind my own dissatisfaction with the architectural profession are [below that of surface outcomes]. What might be an identifiable tie between the diverse projects of varying attitudes and styles that I find most fascinating? What are the fundamental elements for the future of the profession in my eyes as I wish to contribute? Or, what makes architecture as a practice meaningful to me?

This piece of writing could be interpreted as many things; a roadmap, a scrap book, an unresolved manifesto or propaganda but what it is not, I fear, is the kind of clear line of interrogation that forms a good dissertation. It is instead, more aptly defined as a slightly haphazard interrogation of my own ideologies as an earnest student of architecture and a citizen of the world.